Imagine that you are one of the russian students tell the correspondent your impressions about one of the sights of london you have visited already

This is my first visit to London.  I like the city very much.  Half an hour ago I had a ride on the Lodon Eye.  It’s a world-famous giant wheel
which is situated on the bank of the River Thames. The London Eye is 135 metres
high and turns very slowly. There are 32 capsules for people
to stand in. From the top I could see
a birds-eye view
of central London.  So I saw all the famous buildings of the city as well  as the River Thames.  I took lots of pictures.  My friends also enjoyed the ride on the Lodon Eye.  If it were not for  the London Eye, we wouldn’t be able to see so many sights in half an hour.  So I was very much impressed.

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