Напишите пожалуйста диалог на английском языке»Кем ты хочешь стать когда ты вырастешь»,небольшое

— Hi, Mike!
— Hi, Lucy!
— Lately I was thinking a lot about my future profession and I couldn’t come up with anything. Have you already got any ideas?
— Well, I have always known that I want to become a doctor. I am very interested in medicine and I want to help people.
— That is great! I am in fond of computers and IT. I also learn programming when I have free time.
— Then why are you hesitating? You could probably make a good IT specialist. You should think about it, maybe you really have a talent for it.
— Yes, thank you very much, I only thought about it as of a hobby. I will definitely think about it.

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