Нужно вставить слова
benefited, enclosed, interview, references, response, challenges, further, invaluable, relevant, suitable
в текст.
Dear Sir / Madam,
I am writing in (1) …. to your recent advertisement for an office administrator. Please find (2) ………………..


 Dear Sir / Madam,

 I am writing in (1) response to
your recent advertisement for an office administrator. Please find (2) enclosed
my current CV.

 I feel I would be (3) suitable for
the post for a number of reasons. Firstly, I speak excellent English, having
recently passed the Cambridge First Certificate exam with a С grade.

 Secondly, I feel I possess the
(4) relevant Import / export experience, having previously spent a fortnight
working in the canteen of a French company trading in lingerie. During this
time, I gained (5) invaluable experience. I also feel my social skills and
ability to communicate (6) benefited from dealing with customer complaints in
my workplace. I am now looking to put these new skills into practice.

 On top of all this, I am a
dedicated, motivated worker, able to act both independently and also as part of
a team. In my last job, I was responsible for establishing a new system for the
collection and cleaning of trays, for which I received an

 Employee of the Month award. I
enjoy new (7) challenges and never give less than my all.

 I am available for (8) interview at
any time and would be happy to provide (9) references, should you require them.


 Please do not hesitate to contact
me should you require any (10) further information.

 I look forward to hearing from
you soon.

 Yours faithfully.

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