Сочинение на английском языке самые популярные виды спорта в России

The most popular types of sport in Russia is football There are his millions of fans across the country, and broadcast the key matches of the Russian Championship or the team’s performance at world and continental forums to gather television audience of up to 10-15 %, which is almost impossible for any other sport. This is not to mention the fact that football is the only sport able to raise about 90 thousand spectators at the largest stadium in Russia, Luzhniki stadium, which is located in Moscow. And  Limits even greater popularization of football in our country only the inability to play in cold weather. For this reason, in the Northern and far Eastern latitudes of Russia football is not so popular. In cold regions dominated by another sport —2
Hockey is the second most popular sport in the vastness of Russia. Now it is played mostly on covered areas for maximum comfort of the audience. And even some 40-50 years ago hockey is played directly on the open stadiums. Often the famous Soviet football players in the summer we would play football on the grass, and in winter took a stick, put on your skates and go on ice.

This popularity hockey fundamentally affects its development. Russia is the organizer of the Continental Hockey League, which gathered the strongest teams in Europe and Asia. At the moment this League is the second most powerful in the world after the North American NHL. During the last lockout in the NHL by many top players of the National League switched in the KHL. hockey.

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